My first post

This is my very first post and my first venture into making a web page. Bare with me please. Thought I would start by talking about my recent interests. I am starting to learn computer coding. Been working with C++ and getting to understand that. Have also gotten back into Wolfenstein 3d. For those who don’t know, Wolf3d was is a very famous FPS video game. Years ago I used the Mapedit program to create my own levels for my friend to play. Now, some 16 years later I have gotten back into it. It works out good, because id software released the wolf3d code some years back-which is written in C++. So, while I design my own Wolf game, it is helping me to learn C++!! Here is a simple wall sprite that I modified recently.  Well, lets see if this worked….


One Response to “My first post”

  1. jlabadie Says:

    Dude, welcome to the world of the living (the web)! Your site looks like its coming together nicely!


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