Disclaimer to Capcom and id Software

I got to thinking, and since I am making a Wolfenstein 3D mod and including Resident Evil elements, I would hate for anyone working for Capcom and or id Software to stumble on my site and think I am trying to get funny ideas. The mod that I am making is purely out of enjoyment for myself and others that eventually play it. I am in no way being compensated for any work that goes into this Wolf3d mod. I give full credit to id Software and Capcom for all original work implemented in my mod/total conversion. I am using Wolfenstein and Resident Evil elements because those are two of my favorite game franchises. Since I am not really sure how all the legal mumbo jumbo works, I thought I would post this!

By the way, if any employee/game developer/CEO/etc. from Capcom and or id Software stumble across my website, let it be known that I have great story ideas fleshed out for my game! And, if you would ever require my help for your franchises- namely, Resident Evil or Wolfenstein, let me know! I have a creative mind and enjoy writing and developing!!

(Just think about it-Wolfenstein and Resident Evil combined!! Sound crazy? No more crazy than super heroes fighting street fighters! id Software and Capcom coming together to make a title would be amazing. Make no mistake about it!)


2 Responses to “Disclaimer to Capcom and id Software”

  1. I’m not a employee/game developer/CEO/etc as mentioned above, but I respect that your working on a mod like this and hope it works out for you. I used to make WAD ad-on files for Doom ages ago, and got a big kick out of it, but it was only really for my own enjoyment.

    good luck.

  2. jayngo26 Says:

    Thanks for the support. I haven’t worked on it for a couple months. I tend to go gung ho on stuff then get burned out. You should get back into the Doom thing. It’s still going pretty strong after all these years…

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