360 Alive Again

I finally dusted off the old Xbox 360 tonight. My time has been so pre-occupied with making my Wolf3d mod and maintaining this site, that I haven’t had the time or desire to game lately. 4th Floor Reject has been playing Oblivion the past few days which, in turn, has got me back into it. It’s a game I never completed even though I have logged well over 100 hours into it. It it probably my favorite RPG of all time, or top 3 at least. I plan on beating the main quest eventually. Actually, the main quest is probably my least favorite part of the game! The Dark Brotherhood quests rate as some of the best side quests in RPG history for me personally.

I also downloaded the demo for The Force Unleashed. I have to say, using the force grip powers was pretty sweet. It’s how all Jedi/Sith should roll. Kinda reminds me of the Clone Wars cartoons. (The ORIGINAL Clone Wars cartoons). I am just not big on the story that is laid out for the game. Vader has an apprentice that he is hiding from Sidious?? And while the gameplay is fun, I kind of wonder if it will get a little repetitive after a few hours. I will probably pick the game up in the next few months. Just like I will probably see the new Clone Wars movie in a couple months. My love of Star Wars has waned some through these past couple years. And I’m not sure if it’s because I am getting older, or the new material is just inferior to the older stuff….


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