Knights of the Nine Completed

Recently I have gotten back into the Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. I had played the game furiously when I got my 360 toward the end of last year. I have completed many quests including the entire Dark Brotherhood quest line. I have even visited the Shivering Isles and completed a few quests in that mad world. But I had never started the Knights of the Nine (KOTN). I must admit, part of it was knowing that I would receive absolutely no achievements for beating this very good sized side quest. I love achievements, but sometimes they make me do things that I would normally not do. Like avoiding really good quests like KOTN. Anyways, I completed it in probably around six or seven hours. And without giving too much away for those who have not experienced it yet, I must say, it was very satisfying. Don’t let the no achievement problem stop you from completing KOTN. The storyline is great, the ending is excellent, the new enemies are cool, and some of the best armor, weapons, and equipment can be found in KOTN. Even if you have already beat the main storyline and most of the other side quests and you are almost all-powerful, just obtaining the awesome armor from this quest is well worth it.

You WILL be impressed with yourself and how you look after you complete KOTN.


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