The Great Gate Is Closed

If you have not beaten the Elder Scrolls:Oblivion yet, then you may not want to read on. There is your disclaimer. For all others, tonight I entered the Great Gate and removed the Sigil Stone, thus destroying the gate and the siege crawler with one fell blow. For the past months I had been planning on taking all the helpers I had accrued throughout the course of my questing and having them follow me to this great battle outside of Bruma. Alas, all I took with me was a Storm Atrinoch from the Frostcrag Spire and the Castellan from Battlehorn Manor. Being that I was already level 35 and so very powerful, this quest was little more than a stain in a highway. I was surprised with all the help the Bruma guards lended during the battle. And, once I actually entered the Great Gate, I somehow had no problem finding my way to the guard tower, flipping the switch that opened the gate to the final tower and then collecting the Sigil Stone. I didn’t even use a walkthrough. Needless to say, the 50 point achievement I received for closing the gate really made me feel good. Next up-Paradise!


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