As a hardcore gamer I usually don’t play the “kid” games very often. But Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts is a great game! I have never played the original game or it’s counterpart, but it’s soooo nice to see Rare get back on the map with a solid and purely fun game. This game is unusual in the sense that a number of people of varying ages can get enjoyment out of it. Although, the best part of the game-making your very own vehicles from scratch-may be a little too deep for very young ones.

That brings me to my next point. If you get any sense of enjoyment from design, you WILL love this game. I have a very creative mind and enjoy designing. With Nuts and Bolts you can literally build any type of land, sea and air vehicle that your mind can dream up. It’s that deep. At the same time, designing and building your very own creation is not all that difficult. You collect parts from around the main “hub” world which you can then use to design your vehicle. There is even a paint shop and test track within the workshop. Finally, you get to save and name your brand new creation!

Why design your own vehicles when the game gives you lease to many standard varieties? Because the numerous and very different challenges you must compete in will require a wild variance of design to complete in the best and quickest way possible. For instance, there is an achievement you can get in the test track. You have to get a floating soccer ball down to ground level and stuff it in a pipe. Sounds easy, right? This is a very stubborn soccer ball. First off, it is very big. Secondly, it is filled with helium, so it never wants to stay down. I tried using a few different vehicles, but nothing worked. So, I designed this….

Flying Soccerball Catcher Thingy

Flying Soccerball Catcher Thingy

The Flying Soccer Ball Catcher Thingy was what I named it. Appropriate, don’t you think. It took a few trials to get the final design to work right. The ball fit perfectly on the underside/cage of the vehicle. I ended up having to add two sinkers to make the vehicle heavy enough to make the ball go down to the ground. But it would only do so once I deflated the balloons on the four corners. On a side note, I have used this vehicle to complete many of the challenges. The helicopter route seems a good way to go. I have added two egg launchers since this picture was taken. You always have to be well armed!

In the end, if you enjoyed the first Banjo-Kazooie game, this one’s emphasis is NOT platforming. It’s DESIGN. There is some platforming and lot’s of collecting, but it all blends together really well. The satisfaction of designing a vehicle from scratch and watching it succeed is tremendous. Of course, watching your creation completely fail the first time on the test track is very hilarious as well! The short of it is this-if you like Banjo and if you like Kazooie and if you like design, then this is the game for you!

Here are some of my pics I uploaded to the Banjo-Kazooie site. Enjoy!


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