It's Jayngo!

So, I was NOT looking forward to the new dashboard update from Microsoft for the Xbox 360 at all. I don’t like change. And I am not a big fan of silly avatars. But, after a few weeks of the new changes, I have to say…I really think they are for the best.

I can’t wait for more items to be available to wear. I REALLY hope Microsoft doesn’t start charging for certain items. That would really cook me! And I am still undecided about possible achievements within games being unlockable clothing for your avatar. It could be really sweet if I were to unlock a Boba Fett costume or even the awesome suits that Isaac wears in Dead Space. That might make me change my mind….

The avatar’s also allow you to make fun of your friends when you see the outrageous and sometimes ridiculous avatars they come up with.

So far, so good Microsoft….


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