Fallout 3 Operation:Anchorage Completed


Today I downloaded Operation Anchorage and took it out. I haven’t touched Fallout 3 in a few months and I have been eagerly waiting to play some DLC for this game.

Overall, I was very pleased with this first new content. I loved the setting and the missions. Being able to set up your very own strike team and command them was great fun. And I loved the new enemies. Especially the Dragoons and the Chimeras.

The ending seemed slightly abrupt. I expected a whole mission inside the Chinese Base, but hey, it was fun to “talk down” the Chinese General. (I had to replay that part just to see if I COULD actually fight him.)

I had to look in the forums to understand what the dead body hacked to pieces was all about. Apparently, it was an android. That series (Gary) was a failure. He couldn’t be used in the simulation. So, they hacked off his arm with PipBoy to try to get it to work. No success. So, this is where you come in. You are very talented, like to kill things and you have a PipBoy on your wrist. Makes sense.

Anyway, I didn’t get the perk that is available with this DLC. To get it, you need to find all 10 Intel Cases. I will leave it at that.

All in all, Operation Anchorage was great fun. I just can’t stop comparing Fallout 3 to Oblivion. Oblivion had outstanding DLC. Hopefully Bethesda can pull off better and better DLC with Fallout 3. Please, can we have something comparable to the Dark Brotherhood quests?? Please?

Sure beats the colorless Wastelands

Sure beats the colorless Wastelands


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