My Neverwinter Nights Module

So, I have started making my first Neverwinter Nights module. Bioware, being the geniuses that they are, shipped the Aurora Toolset with the game when it was released. The toolset is the same they used to create NWN. It’s one of the coolest and most powerful game builders I have ever used. Your options are virtually unlimited. If you have never played NWN I highly recommend that you pick it up. You can buy the Diamond Edition in most software stores. It includes the original campaign, two expansion campaigns, the Aurora Toolset for making your own modules and a few pre-packaged modules. It’s a super deal for the $19.99 price!

I enjoy writing and for several years I have had a pretty in depth idea for a fantasy world/game. I had originally started building it with RPG Maker 3, for the PS2. I thought that was cool. It’s got nothing on the Aurora Toolset. So, I just transferred all my info (story, characters, locations) into my NWN module.

The working title for my module is Furlahn’s Wrath. It is not set in the same world that NWN takes place. My world is called Averon. Instead of the typical “Magic”, my world has people who can harness the microscopic, organic Myth. It is called Myth Power and it is what gives these users their “special” powers and abilities. Your character has been having nightmares his whole life. A dark figure stalks him in his dreams. You awaken in the Forest of Dreams and an ancient being comes to you, explaining that you are the only one who can stop this being.

I enjoy story, so there are a lot of books in the game that I have written. Your PC (player character) can spend as much or as little time reading the lore of my world.

As of now, I have 11 areas completed and 8 working quests. My game will not be a persistent world (like WOW). It is designed for a single player or two to play through it. The suggested starting level is 1 and new character creation will be encouraged. The game is turning out to be pretty big, as I have hardly touched the main quest/storyline so far. I may make my game available for download in sections or “chapters”. This will keep the downloads smaller. I plan to make the download for section 1 of my game available soon. I will also make my created hak paks available for download as well. Anyone playing it will also need the latest version of the CEP content which can be found on the Neverwinter Nights Forum website. Check my sidebar for the link.

In the meantime, here are some shots of my module. Enjoy!

Nu'wald'i Entrance

Nu'wald'i Entrance

Beetle Battle

Beetle Battle

My RE4 Tribute

My RE4 Tribute

Lake of Renewal

Lake of Renewal

Let me know what you think!


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