Defenders of Palpatine

As promised, here is my Star Wars Miniatures scenario which I designed and created back in 2005. It takes place during the Star Wars Clone Wars Cartoon which came out around that time. I have not kept up with the miniatures scene in a few years, so some of these rules may be outdated by today’s standards. However, give the scenario a try and let me know what you think!

===Defenders of Palpatine===

Shaak Ti and several other Jedi, along with a handful of clone troopers rush to the Chancellor’s office only to be met by General Grievous himself. There, a desperate battle ensues over the protection of Palpatine. The Jedi must get Palpatine away from Grievous and to safety. Defenders of Palpatine tells the tale of the desperate struggle of Shaak Ti to free Palpatine from General Grievous’ grasp. Use the Chancellor’s Ship map on the back side of the Mustafar map. Use the areas marked Throne Room, Security Control Room and the adjacent western hallway for this scenario.

===Republic Setup===

3 Jedi’s must be placed next to the door to the security room (blue squares). The Clone troopers and Senate Guard must be placed inside the Security Control Room(yellow squares).

Shaak Ti 24, Roron Corobb, Ithorian Jedi 21 (you can use my modded character stat card found on this site and the standard Ithorian Spy figure) Jedi Guardian 13, 3 Clone Troopers 27, Senate Guard 13.

===Victory Conditions===

A Jedi must bring Palpatine to the elevator and enter it OR General Grievous must be defeated.

===Separatist Setup===

General Grievous, Jedi Hunter is placed in the NE corner (red square) of the Throne Room with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (or any Palpatine figure you may have), adjacent to him.

General Grievous, Jedi Hunter 42

===Victory Conditions===

General Grievous, Jedi Hunter must enter the southern turbolift with Palpatine OR all the Jedi must be defeated.

===Special Scenario Rules===

Force Powers- Any Jedi may spend 1 Force point to move Palpatine 2 squares closer to them in a straight line. Grievous may resist this attempt if adjacent to Palpatine with a save of 12 or higher.

Capture- A character may capture Palpatine by making a successful attack on the character currently holding Palpatine. No damage occurs if the attack is successful, however, ownership of Palpatine now transfers to the player with the successful attack.

Pass Off- If 2 or more Jedi are adjacent to Palpatine, any can move with him.

Clone Reserves- The other Republic characters besides the Jedi, may not activate until at least 1 Jedi and Palpatine enter the Security Control Room.

Elevator- At least 1 Jedi must be adjacent to Palpatine the whole way to the elevator at the end of the western hallway. At least 1 Jedi must wait with Palpatine until the elevator arrives. For the elevator to arrive, a roll of 20 must occur on the Republic initiative roll. If a roll of 18 or 19 occurs, the Republic forces may re-roll, but must take the next roll for the initiative check. A Jedi character may use his attack on the elevator. If 20 is rolled, the elevator arrives.

No Match- The Clone Troopers are no match on their own against General Grievous. If Grievous defeats all 3 of the Jedi, the Separatist player wins the scenario.

Red/Grievous, Blue/Jedi's, Yellow/Clones/Senate Guard, White/Elevator

Red/Grievous, Blue/Jedi's, Yellow/Clones/Senate Guard, White/Elevator


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