Star Wars Miniatures Interest

So, back in 2005 I got into the Star Wars Miniatures pretty heavily. Like collecting the standard Star Wars figures, trying to get the cool, rare miniatures became an addiction. My buddies and I got into it and played some really fun games.  I ended up stopping my collection around the time the Bounty Hunters wave hit the shelves. My collection includes almost the entire Rebel Storm, Clone Strike and Revenge of the Sith sets. I am only missing a few rares from each set. I also have the Hoth and Endor sets as well. I also modded a few characters myself. This included cutting off limbs, adding lightsabers and complete paint jobs to existing characters. I also designed several scenarios from scratch. In the next few days or so, I hope to have up my created scenario and pics of my modded characters. Feel free to comment on or use my scenario to your liking.


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