Star Wars Miniatures Mod:Vee’qur Fin, Jedi Master

This is another mod I made back in 2005. This is a Weequay Jedi Master named Vee’qur Fin. He is not Star Wars canon. I created him myself.

Vee’qur Fin was a Jedi Master who lived during the height of the Clone Wars. He was very adept at the art of stealth and surprised many of his enemies with quick, deadly lightsaber thrusts to the back. Vee’qur Fin was taking part in a siege in one of the Outer Rim planets when Order 66 was initiated. Ironically, it was Vee’qur who was ambushed by the Clone Troopers under his command, ending his long life as a Jedi Master.

Vee'qur Fin

Vee'qur Fin

Emerging from the bushes

Emerging from the bushes

Vee'qur Fin Stat Card

Vee'qur Fin Stat Card


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