After many months of hard work, I have released my very first Wolfenstein 3D mod. Entitled Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings, it fuses the world of Wolf3d with Resident Evil. The first Episode, called Discovery (Released April 23,2009) is 10 levels long including a secret level. The next two episodes are still in production and will be released at a later date.

You can download WUB here or here. *Note* If you have not done so already please visit id software’s site here and download the original Wolfenstein 3d saga. They are super cheap to buy and well worth it! It is the game that started the modern day first person shooter!

I give full credit to id software for any original content used in my Wolf3d mod. Thanks for releasing the source code id!!! I also give full credit to Capcom Entertainment for the Resident Evil references I use within my mod. My mod is free of charge!!

Some screenshots…..

Read This Page 1

Read This Page 1

Umbrella Lab

Umbrella Lab

Enter the "Keepers"

Enter the "Keepers"

Load Screen Level Name

Load Screen Level Name



  1. hi man that game is cool can u help me make a mod of wolf3d

  2. Cool! Can’t wait for episode 2!

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