Dome Award November 2010

Jayngoware has won an award from the Wolfenstein 3D community! The November Dome Award went to Operation: End Epidemic, which is the second episode in the Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings Trilogy.

If you have not had a chance to play this Award-winning Wolf3d mod, you can download it here.



  1. I am playing your Wolfenstein Umbrella Beginnings. Very Interesting-but very very hard. I like the use of the notes around the level–it advances the story well…
    and….no God mode…no adding ammo or weapons, no clipping either….

    Truly a great challenge…
    I am looking forward to playing Episode 2 (if…I survive that long, that is)
    heh heh
    J B

    • jayngo26 Says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Someone has made walkthroughs for every level of Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings. I will post a new thread about it.

  2. Edu Lukas Says:

    Hi there!
    my name’s Edu, I’m from Spain and I have played your WOLF Mod Umbrella Beginnings. It’s awesome! I have to say it is one of the best Wolf Mod that I’ve ever played. Great job of course!
    The music is ok, it combines very well with the atmosphere. The levels are well-design too, the Umbrella logo everywhere, new moving objects, new treasures, everything’s perfect!
    I love the new zombie enemy, the poison state (blue herb rules!), the log files around the 2 episodes and the puzzle games in which you have to move some knights or god stones. These all new stuff I think they’re the best of the game.
    Again, great job and hope you make the 3 episode! 😉

    • jayngo26 Says:

      Thank you for the nice comments. It was a challenge to make it, but I had a really fun time during the process.

      Hope you have fun with it!

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