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So yesterday I finally conquered the High Dragon who watches over the Urn of Sacred Ashes. I have to say, it was one of the most gratifying achievements I have unlocked in a long time. I have spent my past years playing through games like Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate and never really encountered a huge dragon like this one. Sadly, I have never completed BG2 (I know there are some massive dragons in that).

So, after this epic victory which took me two tries on my second visit at level 12 (the first time I was level 6), I took this pic with my phone. Like I said, I was super excited over my victory. Enjoy!

Dragonslayer Achieved!


Mass Effect 2 Reviewed

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After completing Mass Effect 2, I have written a comprehensive review. Check it out here and let me know what you think!

20,000 Plateau

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Well, yesterday I reached the 20,000 gamerscore mark for my xbox 360 gamertag. I know many are way past this mark, but it’s a personal milestone for me. It happened while playing Fable II (which I completed today after a long absence of not playing it at all). So, now I start the long grind to 30k…

My Take On The Newest Xbox 360 Update

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Well, once again Microsoft has updated the Xbox 360 console. Here is my take on the latest new stuff…

1. Avatar Marketplace-I knew it was coming. From the introduction of the silly Wii-sh avatar, I knew Microsoft would try and make a penny on it. I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner. It’s a shame really, because I have been waiting to dress my avatar like Darth Vader or brandish a lightsaber, etc, etc.  So, I was excited to see the variety of gaming stuff to put on. Stuff from Bioshock 2, Gears of War 2, Halo 3/ODST, Clone Wars, Fable II and others. But, I almost hit the roof when I saw that the Clone Trooper armor cost 400MP! $5 for stupid avatar clothing. And better yet, the lightsaber cost more than that. It just burns me that Microsoft has to try and take our money at every little turn. How about letting your multi-billion dollar business offer free avatar clothing across the board?? Sadly, I will be waiting to “unlock” avatar clothing from upcoming games. I wonder if Microsoft will still update the “free” avatar clothing section…

2. Games On Demand- Another cool idea. Being able to not leave my house to purchase a major game is a neat concept, however the prices are still a little high for some of the titles. Then, the big issue-available space on the hard drive. I have the 20 gig hard drive which, by today’s standards is useless. I already have it tapped out. So, why would I want to put a 4.5 gig game on my hard drive? I refuse to buy the bigger hard drive because of the price. When will that price drop? Sheesh. And Microsoft is still quiet about the release of a bigger hard drive ( which will be needed by everyone soon enough).

3. Netflix Update-The best of the updates IMO. I just started using Netflix a few weeks ago and I like it alot. Being able to instantly watch movies/TV shows on my Xbox is great. What was getting annoying was having to go online with my computer to set up my instant que list. With the new update I can now do all of that from my Xbox! Great job on that one guys! Plus, you can start a party with your friends with Netflix now. Although, I believe your friends also need Netflix for this to work.

4. Other Updates- Other things include:

User Ratings- Now, you can rate how good a game is with a 1 to 5 star rating. Netflix also has the same thing. I think it’s a nice upgrade. You can voice your opinion now. Was the game great? Give it 5 stars. Was the game worthless? Give 1 star. Beautiful.

Lauch Game From Achievement List- You can now launch your game directly from the achievement list. Pulling up the Game Library Menu also allows you to see all info on the game and rate it from that screen as well. A good update.

Friend List Organization- Now you can sort your friends list from current activity, online status, or gamertag. Another good update, but nothing real groundbreaking. Oh, you can also start a Party with one click now. Good news on that front.

So, all in all, the update is good. Some rough corners got polished. However, the Avatar Marketplace pricing is ridiculous IMO. They need to change that. Let me know what you think about the new update!!!


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little rocket man Ever since I played through Half-Life 2:Episode 2, I told myself one day I would go back and play through it again. My sole purpose? To unlock one of the greatest achievements of all time: Little Rocket Man. So, a few months back I started the trek with my little grey-bearded companion. If I remember correctly, one could easily miss him altogether. If you are curious, he can be found in the first building you enter in Episode2 and he’s hiding underneath a bunk bed/shelf. From there on out, he’ll travel with you for quite some time. You may even become quite attached. Toward the end of my jot I actually became upset when that chopper would shoot the little guy. I swear that chopper pilot was targeting him on purpose…

I have to admit, there were times when I had to think how to bring him with me. I NEVER found a good way for him to travel in the car with me. It was a constant battle of checking to see WHEN he fell out and going back to pick him up again. When it came to the chopper scene, I eventually had to leave the car behind and take him with me, using each train car to duck under until I finally reached the next load screen in the tunnel.

I had the perception from the start, that I thought I would have to launch him into the silo tube with the zero-g gun right before the rocket takes off. But, it turned out to be much easier than that. When you first arrive to the White Forest Base Camp, you enter the first missle silo. There the rocket is being prepped for launch. Climb the short stairwell to a small open hatch. That’s where the little guy goes! To receive the achievement, you have to close the hatch. Don’t forget to do that!

Preparing for take off

I mentioned at the outset that I started playing Ep2 a few months ago. Actually, it was around last October! I picked it up again a few days ago and today I unlocked Little Rocket Man. To this date, this is my most proud/glorious achievement. Some may get frustrated or feel this achievement should be worth far more points, but you have to give it to Valve. IMO this is how achievements should be. Great idea and fun to unlock!

Leave a comment if you have any other questions about this short walkthrough or if you just wanna brag about your Little Rocket Man Achievement!!