Welcome to my video game reviews. The hope of these reviews is to inform and share my views of the games I play. I own a 360, so most reviews will be games released for this counsel. Care is taken so as not to give away any spoilers in the reviews. However, if you feel the need, each review will have spoilers at the end of it. It will be noted *Spoiler*. Here are the categories that I base my reviews on. 10 is perfect, a must own. 1 is garbage. Do not buy a game with this ranking! The categories are as follows:

Gameplay: How the game plays and the overall flow of it.

Controls: How the controls feel. A good score means control comes natural to the player. You don’t have to think about what button to press when the heat comes. Camera control plays a part in this category as well.

Sound: I love sound. This category includes ambient sounds, sound effects, voice talent work and the musical score of the game.

Graphics: Everybody loves a beautiful game. Graphics play an important part in next gen games.

Story: Perhaps the most important category to me. I can forgive sub-par graphics and somewhat clunky controls as long as the game has a good, solid and original story.

Achievements: This category is included to describe how well the achievements are done in the game. Variance, difficulty, and the ratio of multiplayer/story achievements play a part in how well this category scores.


-Batman Arkham Asylum

-Mass Effect 2


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