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So yesterday I finally conquered the High Dragon who watches over the Urn of Sacred Ashes. I have to say, it was one of the most gratifying achievements I have unlocked in a long time. I have spent my past years playing through games like Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate and never really encountered a huge dragon like this one. Sadly, I have never completed BG2 (I know there are some massive dragons in that).

So, after this epic victory which took me two tries on my second visit at level 12 (the first time I was level 6), I took this pic with my phone. Like I said, I was super excited over my victory. Enjoy!

Dragonslayer Achieved!


Mass Effect 2 Reviewed

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After completing Mass Effect 2, I have written a comprehensive review. Check it out here and let me know what you think!


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Dome Award For Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings

Dome Award For Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings

Jaygnoware has won an award from the Wolfenstein 3D community! The Wolf3d Dome awarded Jayngoware it’s April 2009 Dome Award for the release of Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings, Episode 1:Discovery.

Work on Episode 2, Operation:End Epidemic began this week. New code changes are planned, including:A new weapon and a new enemy amongst many other additions. Look for it in the coming months.

If you have not yet played Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings, Episode 1:Discovery, you can download it here. Let me know what you think!

My Neverwinter Nights Module

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So, I have started making my first Neverwinter Nights module. Bioware, being the geniuses that they are, shipped the Aurora Toolset with the game when it was released. The toolset is the same they used to create NWN. It’s one of the coolest and most powerful game builders I have ever used. Your options are virtually unlimited. If you have never played NWN I highly recommend that you pick it up. You can buy the Diamond Edition in most software stores. It includes the original campaign, two expansion campaigns, the Aurora Toolset for making your own modules and a few pre-packaged modules. It’s a super deal for the $19.99 price!

I enjoy writing and for several years I have had a pretty in depth idea for a fantasy world/game. I had originally started building it with RPG Maker 3, for the PS2. I thought that was cool. It’s got nothing on the Aurora Toolset. So, I just transferred all my info (story, characters, locations) into my NWN module.

The working title for my module is Furlahn’s Wrath. It is not set in the same world that NWN takes place. My world is called Averon. Instead of the typical “Magic”, my world has people who can harness the microscopic, organic Myth. It is called Myth Power and it is what gives these users their “special” powers and abilities. Your character has been having nightmares his whole life. A dark figure stalks him in his dreams. You awaken in the Forest of Dreams and an ancient being comes to you, explaining that you are the only one who can stop this being.

I enjoy story, so there are a lot of books in the game that I have written. Your PC (player character) can spend as much or as little time reading the lore of my world.

As of now, I have 11 areas completed and 8 working quests. My game will not be a persistent world (like WOW). It is designed for a single player or two to play through it. The suggested starting level is 1 and new character creation will be encouraged. The game is turning out to be pretty big, as I have hardly touched the main quest/storyline so far. I may make my game available for download in sections or “chapters”. This will keep the downloads smaller. I plan to make the download for section 1 of my game available soon. I will also make my created hak paks available for download as well. Anyone playing it will also need the latest version of the CEP content which can be found on the Neverwinter Nights Forum website. Check my sidebar for the link.

In the meantime, here are some shots of my module. Enjoy!

Nu'wald'i Entrance

Nu'wald'i Entrance

Beetle Battle

Beetle Battle

My RE4 Tribute

My RE4 Tribute

Lake of Renewal

Lake of Renewal

Let me know what you think!

Fallout 3 Operation:Anchorage Completed

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Today I downloaded Operation Anchorage and took it out. I haven’t touched Fallout 3 in a few months and I have been eagerly waiting to play some DLC for this game.

Overall, I was very pleased with this first new content. I loved the setting and the missions. Being able to set up your very own strike team and command them was great fun. And I loved the new enemies. Especially the Dragoons and the Chimeras.

The ending seemed slightly abrupt. I expected a whole mission inside the Chinese Base, but hey, it was fun to “talk down” the Chinese General. (I had to replay that part just to see if I COULD actually fight him.)

I had to look in the forums to understand what the dead body hacked to pieces was all about. Apparently, it was an android. That series (Gary) was a failure. He couldn’t be used in the simulation. So, they hacked off his arm with PipBoy to try to get it to work. No success. So, this is where you come in. You are very talented, like to kill things and you have a PipBoy on your wrist. Makes sense.

Anyway, I didn’t get the perk that is available with this DLC. To get it, you need to find all 10 Intel Cases. I will leave it at that.

All in all, Operation Anchorage was great fun. I just can’t stop comparing Fallout 3 to Oblivion. Oblivion had outstanding DLC. Hopefully Bethesda can pull off better and better DLC with Fallout 3. Please, can we have something comparable to the Dark Brotherhood quests?? Please?

Sure beats the colorless Wastelands

Sure beats the colorless Wastelands


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It's Jayngo!

So, I was NOT looking forward to the new dashboard update from Microsoft for the Xbox 360 at all. I don’t like change. And I am not a big fan of silly avatars. But, after a few weeks of the new changes, I have to say…I really think they are for the best.

I can’t wait for more items to be available to wear. I REALLY hope Microsoft doesn’t start charging for certain items. That would really cook me! And I am still undecided about possible achievements within games being unlockable clothing for your avatar. It could be really sweet if I were to unlock a Boba Fett costume or even the awesome suits that Isaac wears in Dead Space. That might make me change my mind….

The avatar’s also allow you to make fun of your friends when you see the outrageous and sometimes ridiculous avatars they come up with.

So far, so good Microsoft….


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As a hardcore gamer I usually don’t play the “kid” games very often. But Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts is a great game! I have never played the original game or it’s counterpart, but it’s soooo nice to see Rare get back on the map with a solid and purely fun game. This game is unusual in the sense that a number of people of varying ages can get enjoyment out of it. Although, the best part of the game-making your very own vehicles from scratch-may be a little too deep for very young ones.

That brings me to my next point. If you get any sense of enjoyment from design, you WILL love this game. I have a very creative mind and enjoy designing. With Nuts and Bolts you can literally build any type of land, sea and air vehicle that your mind can dream up. It’s that deep. At the same time, designing and building your very own creation is not all that difficult. You collect parts from around the main “hub” world which you can then use to design your vehicle. There is even a paint shop and test track within the workshop. Finally, you get to save and name your brand new creation!

Why design your own vehicles when the game gives you lease to many standard varieties? Because the numerous and very different challenges you must compete in will require a wild variance of design to complete in the best and quickest way possible. For instance, there is an achievement you can get in the test track. You have to get a floating soccer ball down to ground level and stuff it in a pipe. Sounds easy, right? This is a very stubborn soccer ball. First off, it is very big. Secondly, it is filled with helium, so it never wants to stay down. I tried using a few different vehicles, but nothing worked. So, I designed this….

Flying Soccerball Catcher Thingy

Flying Soccerball Catcher Thingy

The Flying Soccer Ball Catcher Thingy was what I named it. Appropriate, don’t you think. It took a few trials to get the final design to work right. The ball fit perfectly on the underside/cage of the vehicle. I ended up having to add two sinkers to make the vehicle heavy enough to make the ball go down to the ground. But it would only do so once I deflated the balloons on the four corners. On a side note, I have used this vehicle to complete many of the challenges. The helicopter route seems a good way to go. I have added two egg launchers since this picture was taken. You always have to be well armed!

In the end, if you enjoyed the first Banjo-Kazooie game, this one’s emphasis is NOT platforming. It’s DESIGN. There is some platforming and lot’s of collecting, but it all blends together really well. The satisfaction of designing a vehicle from scratch and watching it succeed is tremendous. Of course, watching your creation completely fail the first time on the test track is very hilarious as well! The short of it is this-if you like Banjo and if you like Kazooie and if you like design, then this is the game for you!

Here are some of my pics I uploaded to the Banjo-Kazooie site. Enjoy!