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Operation:End Epidemic Screenshots

Posted in Wolf3d Mods/TC's, Wolfenstein 3d with tags , , , , on March 15, 2010 by jayngo26

Here are some updated screenshots of Operation:End Epidemic, the second episode in the Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings Trilogy. Enjoy!

Who are the Kin'jaar'i?

Uniform Time

God-mode time!

Enter Her Lair


Seeker On The Loose


Wolf3d Haven Forum Mapset

Posted in Technology/Cool Stuff, Video Games, Wolf3d Mods/TC's, Wolfenstein 3d with tags , on September 17, 2008 by jayngo26

Originally, I wasn’t going to participate in the Mapset for the Wolf3d Haven Forum. I have been busy enough with making my own Wolf3d mod, playing Oblivion, and everything else going on in my life right now. But, I gave in. Actually, I just ported over one of the levels I recently made for Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings. It is level three of my game and it’s entitled “Cell Block”. To date, it’s the largest map I have created. I had to change some things though. For my mod, I have made a lot of code changes and added new walls and new sprites. But, for the Haven Mapset, we are just doing pure mapping. So, what that means is- no code changes, no new objects or walls, etc. Just straight original Wolfenstein 3d mapping. So, I had to change a few of the objects around which only took a few minutes. I have been playtesting the level like mad since this will be the first thing I ever release to the public. I hope everybody at the Wolf3d Haven likes my level!