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Operation:End Epidemic Screenshots

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Here are some updated screenshots of Operation:End Epidemic, the second episode in the Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings Trilogy. Enjoy!

Who are the Kin'jaar'i?

Uniform Time

God-mode time!

Enter Her Lair


Seeker On The Loose



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Dome Award For Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings

Dome Award For Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings

Jaygnoware has won an award from the Wolfenstein 3D community! The Wolf3d Dome awarded Jayngoware it’s April 2009 Dome Award for the release of Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings, Episode 1:Discovery.

Work on Episode 2, Operation:End Epidemic began this week. New code changes are planned, including:A new weapon and a new enemy amongst many other additions. Look for it in the coming months.

If you have not yet played Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings, Episode 1:Discovery, you can download it here. Let me know what you think!

New Wolfenstein 3D Polls Page Is Up

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I have created a new page entitled “The Wolfenstein 3D Polls Page”. From time to time I will add a new poll having to do with the world of Wolfenstein 3D created by id Software. Feel free to participate in the polls and check back often to see how your vote made a difference in the poll!

Click the link for the Wolfenstein 3D Polls Page on the sidebar-then vote!

Wolf3d Haven Forum Mapset

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Originally, I wasn’t going to participate in the Mapset for the Wolf3d Haven Forum. I have been busy enough with making my own Wolf3d mod, playing Oblivion, and everything else going on in my life right now. But, I gave in. Actually, I just ported over one of the levels I recently made for Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings. It is level three of my game and it’s entitled “Cell Block”. To date, it’s the largest map I have created. I had to change some things though. For my mod, I have made a lot of code changes and added new walls and new sprites. But, for the Haven Mapset, we are just doing pure mapping. So, what that means is- no code changes, no new objects or walls, etc. Just straight original Wolfenstein 3d mapping. So, I had to change a few of the objects around which only took a few minutes. I have been playtesting the level like mad since this will be the first thing I ever release to the public. I hope everybody at the Wolf3d Haven likes my level!

My first post

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This is my very first post and my first venture into making a web page. Bare with me please. Thought I would start by talking about my recent interests. I am starting to learn computer coding. Been working with C++ and getting to understand that. Have also gotten back into Wolfenstein 3d. For those who don’t know, Wolf3d was is a very famous FPS video game. Years ago I used the Mapedit program to create my own levels for my friend to play. Now, some 16 years later I have gotten back into it. It works out good, because id software released the wolf3d code some years back-which is written in C++. So, while I design my own Wolf game, it is helping me to learn C++!! Here is a simple wall sprite that I modified recently.  Well, lets see if this worked….