I thought I would start a new page for the next update section of my work on Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings, Episode 2. The title to Episode 2 is OPERATION: END EPIDEMIC. It tells the tale of the mission B.J. is given to assassinate the vile Dr. Ernst “the butcher” Fleisher. Fleisher is partly responsible for the discovery and creation of the x-virus. While Episode 1, entitled “Discovery” dealt with discovering the x-virus and what it can do, Episode 2 will delve more deeply into the ugly depths of Umbrella and include more diabolical schemes, enemies, and features.

New features I hope to include this time are: A new weapon, a new enemy type, more new sprites, more new bonus items, more wall sprites, and probably other things I haven’t even thought of yet. Check back frequently as I update this page…



  1. Well, work officially began on Episode 2 last night. I decided I wanted to overhall the stat menu and border around the window in game. I have chosen to go with a deep, blood-red look. It fits the mod. Plus, I am trying to get the Umbrella color theme out there more. So, I have the deep red for the border, get psyched screen, and end level screen. All lettering and numbering has been changed to white. I think it looks good. It also makes it more original!

    I really want to add a new weapon this time. I think it is within my ability. I have read the tutorial and I am sure I can do it. Adding a new enemy will be A LOT more involved. I have created new sprites for my game, but making 50 plus frames for one enemy seems daunting.

    As far as code help goes, I need to see if Nexion is still alive. He was an awesome help for my first episode. Haven’t heard from him in a long while…

  2. jayngo26 Says:

    Today I resized some weapon pics of a magnum that Nexion had designed. I had to re-scale them smaller tho. Then, of course, I had to touch them up a bit because the resizing kinda jacked them up some. They turned out pretty good. I plan on using them for my new weapon in Ep2-The magnum. I think I will make up names for all the weapons this time around. Ex: The “Nighthawk” is the silenced pistol. The assault rifle may become the Agressor, the Ultra already has it’s name. Gotta make a name for the magnum…

  3. Tonight I designed the collectible sprite for the magnum weapon. I had wanted to enter all the code for the magnum, but I was too busy with other stuff. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to code it. Then I will have my first additional weapon in WUB! I also thought about making some sort of mini game. I was thinking along the lines of the Mercenaries ala RE4/RE5 style. It would involve making a countdown time displayed onscreen as well as collectible time bonuses. I would like to have enemies continually spawn. But not sure how to break the limit of 149 enemies per board…Just more ideas!

  4. jayngo26 Says:

    Well, today I coded in the fifth weapon, the magnum. I followed a tutorial I found on the Wolf3d Dome. It worked, however, I had to change a few more lines in the code that the author had forgotten about. I also added the sound for the magnum. It sounds great!! New problem though-I am having a hard time figuring out how to add a pic of the magnum to the VGAgraph. Nexion sent me a link from DieHard Wolfers that might be the answer. I still think I will need his help though. I need to make separate ammo for the magnum and increase it’s firepower/damage. But, I got quite a bit done today. Also-I won an award from the Wolf3d Community for my mod I just released! That was really cool and it makes me fired up to get into Episode 2!!

  5. jayngo26 Says:

    I usually don’t double post on my progress in one day, but, I was able to make a big breakthrough tonight. I finally found a tutorial that explains how to add images to the engine(VGAgraph)! And amazingly, it was really simple. I had looked at the one on DieHard Wolfers, but that was very complicated. I went to AReyeP’s Wolfenstein 3D site. I have found that is one place where the tutorials are spot on. They always work. So, I was able to add a new image(my magnum stat bar pic) with only changing a few lines of code. Great stuff…

  6. jayngo26 Says:

    Well, today I finally figured out how to increase the damage done by the individual weapons. I wanted the magnum to feel ultra powerful. So, I have set it up to kill all standard guards including zombies, ss, and officers in one shot. It takes about 5 shots to bring down a fake hitler and it took me 24 rounds to kill the end boss on my episode 1 mod. here is the code:
    switch (gamestate.weapon)

    case wp_magnum:
    damage = damage * 1.00 + 100;
    SD_PlaySound (MAGNUMSND);
    DamageActor (closest,damage);

    This code goes at the end of the GunAttack function in WL_AGENT.C
    I found that the 1.00 was a little too strong for the other standard weapons. I lowered the pistol, machine gun and chain gun down to 0.75.
    That seemed about the same power the weapons had in the original games. Whew. That was a lot of trial and error!!!

  7. jayngo26 Says:

    Late last night I was going through the code trying to figure out a way to fix my Kill Ratio problem. I did some playtesting and found that anytime I shoot the magnum, it adds to the kill ratio for that level. Weird. Anyway, I stumbled upon the code to change the color of the PG-13 screen. So, I changed it from the official baby blue, to a darker red. It fits the mod better. Today was a crazy day. I am moving out of state at the end of this month so my time sadly needs to go to other things this month. My time to work on Ep2 is going to decrease for a while…. 😦

  8. jayngo26 Says:

    I finally fixed the kill ratio problem that the magnum was causing. Turns out, that when I was trying to find a workable code for making the magnum more powerful, I had used two different tutorials. The second one worked. But, I had accidentally left one line of code from the first tutorial. That was the bad guy! So that’s fixed now. Next up-add ammo for the magnum…

  9. jayngo26 Says:

    Spent some time late this night to add the “Message Feature” to WUB2. Simply put, when you collect items, it displays it in the top left corner of the screen. Now, to me this is an annoying feature. Everytime you pick up an ammo clip it says “You got an ammo clip”. Boring/annoying. I have only used this feature for the collectible weapons in WUB. I have named all the weapons for Ep2 and I want the player to see the name of the weapon that they find. I have also set it up so when you cure yourself by collecting the blue herb it now says “Poison Cured”. I had to mess with the PrintY= function in the code. So, if you are poisoned and it is flashing “Poisoned” in the top left of the screen, that now is lowered, so if you collect a weapon while poisoned it won’t print “You found the Headhunter” over top of the “Poisoned”. A small, subtle touch, but something new I added to the code…

  10. jayngo26 Says:

    Today I wrote a little more of the Read This for Episode 2. Pretty much setting up the story/mission for Ep2. Also tinkered with the code for weapon damage again. I changed the .75 to .85. More playtesting with the .75 and I realized it was off just a little bit. The enemies were taking a little too much bullets. .85 was a minor adjustment, but I think I have it right now. Want to get into more in depth stuff but been tired and out of time lately…

  11. jayngo26 Says:

    I received some code help from my source again. I am in the process of adding a collectible bonus item that will give you a special bonus after you collect 30 of them throughout the game. I designed the sprite (an Umbrella Logo) and added that to the engine and Chaos yesterday. Still need to code the counter for the item. I also changed up the stat bar some more. Today I also came up with a big, new idea that I hope to add to WUB 2. The coding still needs to be worked out on that. More details to come soon…

  12. jayngo26 Says:

    Well, these past few days I was able to code in the counter for my collectible bonus item. Once you collect 30 Umbrella logos you will get a special bonus! I have encountered some problems with the on screen messages now though. Since I added the Bonus item counter, everytime I collect a weapon or cure poison status, the screen prints the total bonus items collected, then the collected weapon/blue herb message. Something like this-“3 of 30You found the Headhunter”. I am trying to figure out a way to move the “3 of 30″ to the far right side of the screen or only show up when you find the next bonus item collectible. I spent much trial and error today and only managed to figure out how to put some spacing between the two like this:”3 of 30 You found the Headhunter”. I have decided to do all coding for WUB2 then start with the mapping of the episode. Really enjoying the trials of coding WUB2 right now…

  13. jayngo26 Says:

    With the help of Nexion I have been able to solve the Magnum ammo code issues as well as the bonus item w/counter code issues. Now, the “3 of 30” appears on the far right of the screen when an Umbrella symbol is collected. All the other messages appear on the far left. It’s a beautiful thing. Some minor bug issues still reside, but they shouldn’t be a huge deal. I added some new collectible items as well. A new version of the blue herb in syringe form, a new test tube sprite for my new upcoming enemy and 4 rare treasures. That is another feature of WUB2-Rare Treasures. There will be 10 total treasures. 1 on each level. Each will have it’s own name and will appear on screen when collected. Much like the Umbrella bonus items, when all 10 are collected a special reward will be given to the player. I also designed a little mock-up level 1 for Episode 2. It has three rooms containing the 3 new features for WUB2. It works good for code/testing issues. Work will slow on WUB2 for the next few weeks as I am moving out of state and will be without internet for a little while. Stay tuned…

  14. jayngo26 Says:

    I fixed all but one of the minor bugs that plagued WUB2 per Nexion’s help. I finally got my Award Bonus to print on screen after the 30th Umbrella logo is collected. “*BONUS HUNTER AWARD* Gained 50 Magnum Rounds”. Whew-a lot of work went into getting that message to appear. Nice to break ground on a game that is this flippin old..Still one minor flaw in the system. Hope it’s fixed by tomorrow. Will be offline soon. Next up-Coding of the Rare Treasure Award/collection and the new enemy for WUB2. I am having nightmares already…

  15. jayngo26 Says:

    Today I created a few more sprites for my Rare Treasure feature. Now, I have 8 rare treasures figured out and about 6 of them are designed and completed to satisfaction. I still need to add 2 more. I have made a few of them directly from RE 4/5. I actually just made one treasure now as a little bit of a joke. Hopefully when the player comes across it they will get a smile on their face…

  16. jayngo26 Says:

    I have completed the 10 rare treasures and added them to the WUB engine and ChaosEdit. I also created a few more sprites and added those to the engine as well. Still need to code in the raretreasure count and possible counter. The last big code additions to Ep2 is going to be the new enemy. Whew, almost have the coding done for Ep2. It’s been a lot of work but I think these new features will give Ep2 a nice little twist…

  17. jayngo26 Says:

    Today I completed the Rare Treasure stuff. That involved adding the gamestate.rarecount code stuff. If you collect all 10 rare treasures a nifty little bonus of a free life, 100,000 points and 25 magnum rounds will come your way. I am really trying to tailor Ep2 to not only FPS action and RE intensity but I also want the player to take the time to explore. If a player finds all 30 bonus items and all 10 rare treasures he will obtain a total of 75 magnum rounds, which will really help with dealing with the new enemy still yet to be made and the final boss fight. I wasn’t able to figure out how to make a final message appear for an achievement when the 10th treasure is collected and I wasn’t able to add the rare treasure on screen counter display. Not a huge deal, but I would really like the rare treasure achievement to display on screen. Perhaps Nexion could once again whip up some nasty code…

  18. jayngo26 Says:

    The other day I re-designed the “Immaculate Painting” rare treasure item to now be called “King’s Feast” painting. I used the chicken dinner,chalice,wine bottle,wood wall, and table to create the painting. Now the rare treasure stuff is finally done. Last night I decided to tackle the new enemy coding. I pretty much copied the mutant code but changed everything to “seek” for my new Seeker enemy. I only came up with one error, but it’s something I just don’t understand-a Declaration Terminated Incorrectly in line 1 of wl_state.c. I sent a message over to Nex, so hopefully he has the answer. I also now understand how to add all the enemy definitions to ChaosEdit, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Once this error gets fixed and I have added the enemy to Chaos and everything works-then I will change the new enemy functions…

  19. jayngo26 Says:

    Well, I woke up around 4 am last night and I couldn’t sleep. So, what better time than to code! I tackled my single error problem from the new enemy I added yesterday. And amazingly, the answer was simple! The first line of WL_STATE.C was: /WL_STATE.C. It should of been commented out like this: //WL_STATE.C. Unbelievable. So, I was able to finish adding the new enemy definitions to ChaosEdit (after I went back to bed and got a few hours of sleep) today. Now, all that’s left to tackle is to change around some of the functions for my new enemy. Right now, he is coded just like a mutant. But, I want him to not shoot, do melee damage like a dog, make a sound while attacking like the dog does, and have a chance to poison on a successful melee attack. My coding helper says this is the easy part. Hmmph, we will see…

  20. Yo man, played through the first episode of W:UB and I gotta say, nice work! It was a challenge, and was fun as hell too.

  21. jayngo26 Says:

    ALMN: Thanks for the nice compliment! I really appreciate the feedback. I’m in the process of making Episode 2. Hopefully it will be finished in a few months…

  22. jayngo26 Says:

    Spent some time tonight recoloring my new enemy. I used the mutant model for my new “Seeker” enemy. I recolored his uniform to greys and now the blood is green (not purple) to coincide with the poison he can inflict you with. Plus, I made his head blow up when you defeat him. A cool little touch which will hopefully help the player feel satisfied when he comes across this tough enemy in WUB2…

  23. jayngo26 Says:

    Today I made some nice advancements. It’s like my brain just cleared or something. I was able to use a tutorial I found that allows for a Tab D cheat. When you hit Tab D now, a display pops up that shows you percentages of kills, secret passages, and treasures found on the current level. Pretty cool for those ppl that are completionists. I also finally figured out how to change the coloring of the lettering in all the menus in Wolf. After all this time I was able to change all the yellow lettering to whites on the episode select screen, difficulty select screen and options menus. I have been going for the whole red/white motif, giving a nod to the Umbrella colors. I also figured out how to add digitized sounds to the engine. And I don’t mean just adding one sound overtop/deleting another sound. I mean adding another sound at the end of the SoundChunk files. This is a huge breakthrough for me, because I was at the point where there were no more sounds to change. So, I added the attack sound for my new Seeker enemy today. Let me say, it sounds very vicious…

  24. jayngo26 Says:

    I made more major progress with my new enemy today. Thanks to Nexion and his code assistance, I was able to change the Seeker to attack with poison. Some tweaking still needs to be made, as the Seeker does not do a melee attack and the poison seems to occur a little too often. But, the new enemy appears to being close to done…

  25. jayngo26 Says:

    Well, the new enemy is about complete! I was able to tweak some things to make him work better. I slowed him down a bit, changed the chance to poison to less frequently and tweaked his melee damage. So, what I thought was going to be a major pain in my rear (coding/creating a new enemy) actually went rather smoothly. Thanks goes to Nexion for helping code the T_Bite/T_DogChase function to work with the new enemy. I also found my RE4 Sound Effects Files that I thought I had lost. It’s over 3,000 files and I went through all of them the past few days. I was able to pull out quite a bit which I then added to my mod. I added about 4 new digital sounds to the engine. I found a new secret passage sound which I think rocks and I also figured out a way to use a collectible item sprite (which I made invisible) to act as a trigger for a short, scary music rip from RE4. So, work on Ep2 is going really good now. I really need to stop coding now and work on story and mapping, but I just seem addicted to learning more neat tricks to coding/changing/adding to the Wolf code…

  26. jayngo26 Says:

    More work was done for Ep2 today. I was going over more tutorials online last night. One thing I had always wanted to implement was animated static sprites. But the one tutorial I read a long time ago made it seem WAY too complicated. Then I came across another tutorial which showed how it could be done in about 3 lines of code. Amazing! So, I gave it a shot and now I have my land mines I had always been wanting!! I wanted them animated so the player could see a little red/yellow dot flashing on top of the mine- letting them know/see it and realize what it is. I envision a whole bunch of neat scenarios for the land mines in EP2. So in all, adding the land mine meant doing the animated sprites tutorial, making two identical sprites, except one has a red light on top, the other a yellow light, then coding in too more collectible sprites. I also added a new ammo clip pickup sound and also added an explosion sound for the landmine. I also added a status bar pic for God Mode and turned off the damage flash while in God Mode. Awesome stuff…

  27. jayngo26 Says:

    So, once again I am not sleeping well. So, I took the time to add yet more features. This time I followed a tutorial that allows static/blocking objects to move like pushwalls. This is awesome. Now I can make cool movable statue puzzles, like many of the RE games have. I need to figure a way to have around 4 movable objects. Sadly, the code is just for one object. I need to figure out a way to expand it…

  28. jayngo26 Says:

    Well, yet more work took place on Ep2 today. I tried and failed at figuring out a way to add more movable objects to the code tutorial I followed the other day. I still have only 1 movable object. I would like to have around 4. I have come up with a nasty little RE style puzzle for my game involving 4 pushable objects. Perhaps an answer to my coding problem will come soon. I also finished adding the code for Rare Treasures that Nexion sent me. Once the final rare treasure is collected the screen now displays the treasure name, along with the award and it’s benefits. I also re-coded the bonus item message display to show not only the bonus award onscreen, but also the benefits received from it. That meant that I had to make the message display last longer. I changed the messagetime line of code from 150 to 300. It averages out to about a 6 second display time onscreen. Which, I am figuring will be enough time for someone to read everything before it disappears…

  29. jayngo26 Says:

    Mapping of the levels started a few days ago. I am getting close to completing Level 1 map. It also holds the secret level in episode 2. I have designed a small/short puzzle which, when solved will allow passage to the secret level elevator. The logfile for level 1 holds a riddle/clue to solving the puzzle. I still need to design a few more rooms and tweak the ammo/health ratio. Then level 1 will be complete…

  30. jayngo26 Says:

    I have designed the most in depth puzzle for Ep2 to date. It’s going to be on the secret level and it involves knights/armor and the moving death knights from EP1. The goal of the puzzle is the “trap” the death knights so they cannot harm you, then you can collect the rare treasure chess board. I figured out an easier way to work my “achievements” which I call Awards in my games. I added the xbox 360 achievement sound to my engine last week. So, whenever the player unlocks an award, the sound effect plays as the onscreen messages appear for the award. I was having trouble with the final treasure no.10 though. If the player collects all 10 rare treasures they unlock an award and the achievement sound plays. However, if someone only finds, say, 7 rare treasures then I would not want the achievement sound to play when they got the final rare treasure. The normal rare treasure sound would play. I was able to figure out all on my own how to code that. It was a simple if-else statement that worked. This was my very first time using the if else and it worked great! Guess my C++ knowledge is growing…

  31. jayngo26 Says:

    Today I added 2 new sprites. One is of a furnace that burns the failed experiments. I turned it into an animated object. The fire is animated. I also added another sprite that will appear at the end of ep2…I also made a trophy and added it to the VGAGraph. I added an Award section to the ReadThis! and the trophy appears there. I also worked on the FINART for the end of ep2. I dedicated a page there which shows all the awards that can be earned in the game. I added the trophy pic in front of each award on that page. I also, finally, corrected the yellow bar that appears on the adjust screen option screen. I don’t know how it turned to yellow, but i finally found the part of the code that allowed me to change it back to red again…

  32. jayngo26 Says:

    Today I added a new achievement. It is unlocked when you navigate a landmine maze and collect the rare treasure at the end of it. I designed the maze today and added it to my test level. It will appear in level 2 in the finished game. Did some minor work with the logfile for level 10. There also is a minor bug appearing in the Checkmate game that appears on level 10. It seems that when I move the moveable object to a certain spot on the map, one of the moving knights of death disappears. This only occurs sometimes and I have as of yet been able to figure it out. Also, last night/early this morning I recolored dr schabbs for my end boss for ep2. I also changed his face/glasses/hair and made him a little more bulkier in the shoulders. It was nice to get the boss done. Ep1 boss was the final thing I did. for ep1. In part, because for a long time I did not know who the end boss would be. Ep2 boss has been designed/storied for a long time so it was easier this time when it came to the end boss…

  33. Well, after months of no posting I have returned to working on my mod. Sometimes one needs a short break. A few days ago I compiled some video of me playing in DosBox (Ctrl+Alt+F5) and used Windows Movie Maker to make a short trailer for ep 2. It’s been a difficult process as WMM won’t convert the avi file extension that DosBox uses. So, I am in the process of using Media Convert to change the avi to a wmv file. I think the trailer turned out good, I just have to redo the clips when they are finished converting. Lot’s of work for about 2 mins of video. Finally, a huge breakthrough came my way today. WLHack helped me with the movable object code he posted on Wolf Haven. So, finally I have more than one movable object and I know how to add more code to make more movable objects in the future if I want. Thanks goes to WLHack for figuring that one out. Now, I just need to figure out the minor glitches for the collectible bonus items and rare treasures codes…

  34. Well, after much trial and error, I have completed my teaser trailer for Operation: End Epidemic. It is the first video/trailer I have ever made so a lot of mistakes/re-dos were involved. In short I had to convert the avi files that DosBox puts out into wmv files. I ended up downloading Windows Media Encoder 9 off the Microsoft site. It was free and was the only encoder that worked good for me. After encoding all the files to wmv, I had to remake all my video footage clips again. But, it is almost the exact same as my “rough draft” video so I am happy. I’m also pretty happy with the quality of the video too. I am sure down the road I can make things even better. But, it was fun to make and I learned a ton of new stuff in the process…

  35. So today I followed MCS Coding Tutorial on adding a Godmode Timed Collectible. I had some weird results. The code worked good, but I could not add a new digital sound or a message like “Invinvibility for 30 seconds!”. It kept coming back with a “Abnormal Project Error/Termination”. Up till now, I have never really got those problems. Not sure if I’m finally running out of memory or what. I have no clue. Fortunately, I added the new code to a backup copy of my source code. Actually, the godmode powerup is going to be for a version of “The Mercenaries” I plan on making or hope to make sometime with the WUB source/engine. We will see..

  36. Well, I found out what the Abnormal Project Termination meant. NO MORE MEMORY LEFT. In other words, no more memory left for me to add new code, spites, sounds, etc. That’s why the message for godmode wasn’t working. So, using AReyeP’s site and MCS coding tutorials, I downloaded his version of the ID files that he went through and deleated stuff that was not needed. I had been leery of this before, afraid that it would mess up my already changed source code. But, it didn’t. And now I have some 463 data bytes left to work with! Whew. I need to stop adding stuff and save that memory for new features for Episode 3. Anyway, now the message for godmode works…Oh, and according to MCS, each new digital sound uses up 16 data bytes. Nice to know that.

  37. So, last night I added another animated object. A lab device growing the plant the x-virus is harvested from. I also coded in an awesome feature this morning. The ability to wear nazi uniforms! That’s right. Now you can wear a guards uniform and “blend in” enabling you to walk past guards with no harm to you. I added another pic to the vswap. A pic of the officer. And I coded it so when you put the uniform on, the pic displays on the status bar. I love this feature, and while it won’t be used a lot in Ep2, it’s really cool.

  38. Today I made a little movie trailer for the uniform code feature I added the other day. I also added the godmode artifact pic and the uniform pic to the read this! and added text for the items. I really need to start mapping more of ep2. Just been having a hard time getting into that mode lately…

  39. Well, last night I finally got my hands on the Spear of Destiny Lost Episodes. I must say, they are really cheesy. Still, cool to play something that is so hard to find. Plus, I was able to get a really cool electricity graphic from it. I made it into two frames, added it to my mod and turned it into an animated object. I also recolored it a little bit. I did a two frame animation, but it may need four. I just don’t really wanna add two more frames of electricity and waste what little precious bytes I have left. We will see. Still avoiding mapping of Ep2. I need to get into it if I ever want to finish this mod…

  40. These past few days I have spent some time adding new walls to Ep2. This meant that I had to remove some walls I hardly use. So, out went all the sand looking walls and the 3 tiles that have blood on them and also the corkboard looking tile. I had to go back to Ep1 and change a few minor areas, but it was no big deal. Now, I have around 5 new wall tiles all dedicated to lab areas. I made a lab wall with x-rays on them and one with an Umbrella symbol. I even took the biohazard wall from the Lost Eps, removed the ACHTUNG and lowered the biohazard symbol. Now, Ep2 is starting to take on it’s own look. Multiple levels will have labs in them. After all, you are in the “Cradle”. It’s where all of Umbrella’s top creation takes place…Oh, and I have also decided that Ep3 will be done/ported to SDL…

  41. Been trying to design a sub-boss sprite the past few days with no success. I now realize my pixel art skills are not the best. Trying to make a monster from the ground up is difficult. The name of the monster is “Matilda”. After my initial attempts failed, I even tried combining 3 existing boss sprites into one. Still not much success. I have, however, mapped the area in level 4 where the boss battle will take place. I have even designed a pushwall maze to get the silver key, that also closes off the rest of the level in the process. So, when you face “Matilda” you will not be able to retreat as far as you want. Hehehe. Good stuff. I also worked on modifying an existing castle pic in the vswap. I made the castle much bigger and am going to add an explosion to the pic. This pic will be seen at the very end of Ep2….

  42. Well, quite a bit of work has taken place these past few days. I have completed Level 3. Called Treasure Trove. I have also coded in all the stuff for the end boss and sub boss in Ep 2. It included disabling death cam, changing their dir (direction) so they react from all player directions, I gave the sub boss a key to drop, and I also changed their death delay. So, now they die as they should, it doesnt take like 4 seconds for them to fall down. I also added Treasures to the READ THIS. For some reason I had never put that in. It involved adding another pic to the vgraph. I also found some sounds for the sub boss and end boss. So, it’s starting to come together. And I am finally in the zone for mapping levels. Still, have a lot more to map! Oh, plus, I finally got a “look” for my sub boss. Just a matter of editing the 10 or so frames and doing some recoloring on it. Lotsa work!

  43. Well, I finally finished my sub boss last night. That was the most sprite work I had ever done. 10 frames of almost completely new work. I actually combined features of like 3 different bosses to make my new sub boss. But, it’s all complete and I have a welcome and death sound for it. Plus, I changed the boss’ speed to go faster and now the rockets in the rocket launcher go faster too. I also fixed an annoying problem where if I had full ammo, I could not pick up magnum rounds for the headhunter. I fixed the code so now if normal ammo is full, I can still pick up magnum rounds. Still need code help to fix collectible bonus item/rare treasure problems. It deals with the player dying. If you die and do not reload a saved game, the bonus item counter resets. No good. I need to figure out a way where the counter does not reset and once you collect a rare treasure or bonus item, it does not appear again if you don’t reload when you die…

  44. Since the last update I added my end game item. It’s a flashing arrow located by some explosive barrels. I also made a time bomb collectible item. The game ends by placing the time bomb on the arrow location, thus, blowing up the facility. I got the crazy idea to add a timer to the bomb. Ideally, it would display onscreen. When you pick up the time bomb the timer starts and you have to kill the end boss and race to the arrow object before the timer reaches zero or-BOOM! You’re dead. I asked WLHack for help in coding this feature, as I have no idea how or if it’s possible to even do. Figured I would give Nexion a break from helping me with my code madness…

  45. With the help of WLHack’s SDL starting tutorial, I was able to get the files I needed along with Dev C++ and compile the WolfSDL source code. Now I have my very own official, working copy of Wolf3d in SDL. This is good news. It is one step closer to me “porting” over Ep1 and Ep2 to SDL. But, I have found out it’s a lot of work. You basically have to recode everything. WLHack wants me to send him a list of all my code and he will let me know what is what. It sure would be nice if I could port everything over!

  46. Good news. WLHack got back with me and it appears that all my coding can be ported over to SDL. Now, I face the arduous task of either putting Ep2 on hold and porting it to SDL, or moving on and completing Ep2 and making Ep3 in SDL. Decisions, decisions…

  47. Today I messed around with the SDL source a little more. I got the outside atmosphere working including starry sky and falling snow. I am going to have Ep3 start off outside under those conditions. However, I think I have decided to wait on “porting” Ep1 and Ep2 to SDL, and just concentrate on getting Ep 2 completed and released. As much as I want Ep2 to run on SDL, I will wait. Making Ep3 SDL will be nice, as WUB will go out with a glorified bang…

  48. Well, work has started up again on Ep2. I am feeling really motivated to get the mapping done. Today I finished up Level 2 and play tested it. In the past few days I also designed new pics for the Episode Select Screen and added an Easter Egg to WUB. I wonder how many ppl will find it? As of now I have 3 levels entirely done, including all Logfile work. I also have 2 levels halfway done along with their respective Logfiles. So with a little over 5 levels left to map and write story down, I am coming along with Ep 2. Most of the story has been in my head for months, just need to write it down in the Logfiles. Oh, and a while back I also got names for every level along with music selections. I can’t wait until Ep2 is done. I think it will go over really good.

  49. The other day I completed and playtested the “Matilda” level. I think it’s the most difficult of the levels in Ep2 to date. But, that’s the purpose of it. Tension, tension, tension. I also added a new sprite. I edited the “broken boss test tube” sprite from Ep1 to be full size now. The test tubes will play a bigger role as Ep2 moves on to the laboratory stuff… I also posted some screenshots on this site. I usually don’t post pics but somebody was curious, so I obliged them…

  50. Today I completed the mapping of level 5, the first of my “lab” themed levels. I actually woke up this morning and the layout for level 5 was in my head. So, I got to work and was able to complete the entire level in one day. Even the majority of the logfile stuff was written. I just need to add a bit about Fleisher experimenting. Had to actually add a little more ammo, as I felt it was just too difficult. Being the creator of the level and only having 4 rounds when facing a Seeker is just not gonna work. Oh! And I am most happy, because I finally added my new enemy, the Seeker, the Ep2. All that work months ago has finally seen it’s fruition!

  51. jayngo26 Says:

    This past week I have completed the mapping of level 6 along with the playtesting of the level. I also added a new “plaga” sprite. Like the x-virus flower, it’s in a test tube controlled environment. I also added two new pics to the VGAGraph. For some reason I couldn’t add the other two pics I wanted. I think maybe their sizes are too big? But, by adding the other two pics, I was able to finish up the FINART stuff with the rare treasures. I also coded in an Award for when you collect the lab key. It was a tricky code and I received help from the guys on the Wolf Haven Forum. Thanks 🙂

    Oh, I almost forgot. I was able to finally fix the colors on the cheat box that displays on screen when you hit TAB+(a key). All that stuff is easily found through ChaosEdit. Simply hit the VGAGraph tab, then the Tile8s tab and voila! There it all is. I made the border red to match the overall theme of my mod…

  52. jayngo26 Says:

    Well, last night I solved a major bug in Ep2. I sent what I had done (Lvls 1-6) to Brian to play test and lvl 1 immediately crashed for him playing through VDM Sound. Long story short, VDM Sound does not like invisible sprites! So, for the two “invisible” sprites I have in my game, I had to make a single line of gray that matches the gray floor in Wolf3d. That way, VDM Sound “saw” the invisible sprite, but it is still invisible to the player. Quite the craziness. Everything seems to play fine on both DosBox and VDM Sound. Though, I prefer DosBox for superior sound quality…

  53. GrandMonkAuto Says:

    Whoa, calm down! Your mod is great, I am a completist and I had some work finding a whole lot pack of secret passages. I’m waiting for OEE because it seems to be nice and that shortcut That says how much you’ve gott on that level… I CAN’T WAIT!

    • jayngo26 Says:

      @ GrandMonkAuto

      Thanks for the nice compliment. I still have a few levels on OEE to finish. Been really lazy lately. But, hopefully I will have it all done in the next month, maybe two!

  54. Alcatraz Says:

    Wee Jayngo is going to complete the best mod in Earth!
    I had already created my mod but I’m too lazy to read the changes to the source code in a tab at Dome. Sadly, I’m only good in mapping.

  55. jayngo26 Says:


    Thanks. What mod did you make? I will check it out when I get some free time.

    As for Operation: End Epidemic, I actually did some work on it last week. I am currently working on a push puzzle for level 7. I seriously need to finish this mod. It should of been done months ago!

  56. Well, work has picked up again on Ep2. I almost have Level 9 (the boss level) done. I had to code a few changes so the boss dropped a silver key and I also added one more sprite to the engine. As of now, I have levels 7, 9, and 10 about 75% complete. Level 8 has yet to be started. Also, all logfiles have been written and completed except for level 7 & 8. I just need to put my mind to it and Operation:End Epidemic will be complete!

  57. Today I completed level 9 along with playtesting.I added more hit points to the end boss. The reason is revealed in the final logfile on level 9. I also changed two of the boss death animations. I made them more gory. Hehe. I also added one more sprite to the engine which is the second easter egg I have incorporated into WUB. I also coded in two more Awards and added the sound effect for the boss when he dies. I have some good ideas in my head for level 8. I will get started on that next…

  58. were do you download it?

  59. Have you finished it?

  60. @ Tenamk:

    No, I have not finished Episode 2 yet. I have been so lazy with getting it done. I only need to finish up 2 levels. Just need to find the willpower to sit down and get it done…

  61. Work began (once again) on Ep2 a few days ago. I have completed the mapping and playtesting of Level 8. The mapping for Level 7 is well along and should be completed by the end of the weekend if all goes as planned. That only leaves the mapping of Level 10, which is already halfway done at this point.

    I have given myself a release date of sometime in November. That will give me the motivation to finish up this mod, which should of been completed MONTHS ago…

  62. -Completed mapping of Level 7
    -Completed Logfile for Level 7
    -Completed playtesting for Level 7
    -Coded in two new Awards/Achievements
    -Reworked blue swastika wall tile. Swastika replaced with newly designed Umbrella symbol
    -Reworked gray wall Hitler pic from Nocturnal Missions. Hitler replaced with newly designed Wesker portrait
    -Added new Awards to ENDART

    Lot’s accomplished today! I only have the mapping of level 10 to finish up and then some playtesting of entire completed Episodes 1 & 2. (Just to confirm Ep1 still functions properly!)

  63. Looking forward to test the… Headhunter!!!

  64. @Tenamk: He he he. I don’t think it will disappoint you..

    As far as the latest update, I have done much. Level 10 is fully mapped. I only need to add some guards and objects in. I have changed almost all wall tiles that had swastikas to umbrella logos. Gives it more of a Umbrella Facility look. I fixed a minor bug involving the uniform and magnum. Firing magnum while wearing uniform now alerts guards. I playtested the whole game for the first time in a while yesterday. Turned out well. I gave Schabbs a beta version to test. Still trying to work out a possible bug with collection system though. Need to finish level 10 and playtest the finished product. It is almost done…

  65. patterson Says:

    im totaly stoked for this game XD

  66. @patterson:Thanks! I’m excited that it’s almost done as well. I’ve put it off too long. Look for a release in the next day or two…

    Latest Update:

    Last night the collection system finally got fixed after a year of being “incomplete”. Now, when you die in game, the collection counter is cached, so whether you reload your last save or restart the level with only the pistol and bullets, it remembers how many umbrella symbols you had collected up to the point of your death. This is a HUGE fix and all the credit goes to my coding genius pal Nexion. Good job sir!

    Also, Ep2 has been thoroughly playtested on my end. Just waiting for comments from my beta tester an Ep2 is ready. Oh, I also have to disable cheats and replay Ep1, just to make sure it runs smoothly still…

    We’re almost there!

  67. Operation:End Epidemic is officially completed! All finished work has been forwarded to Schabbs. Now, just awaiting the post for a download link…


    You can find it here:http://wolf3d.darkbb.com/dome-news-f2/operation-end-epidemic-released-t1836.htm


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