This page will be dedicated to my Wolfenstein 3D mod I am creating. It’s working title is Wolfenstein Umbrella Beginnings. As you might guess, it is a combination of two of my favorite video games. Wolfenstein 3D and Resident Evil. I am still fleshing out the story, but it will include the beginning of Umbrella, including a relative of Albert Wesker as the arch enemy. I have already made numerous source code changes to my game, including- the addition of all new sprites and wall designs, silent gun/knife, new sounds, new music, and revamped main title screen(which can be viewed on my home page!) More too come soon……resident evil theme



  1. So far, my mod has gone well. I have changed a few things in the source code. But, trying to add a new sprite to the engine really had been my bane up till this point. Some of the tutorials online had worked for me, but many of them are old and suspect. So, the other day I decided to join the Wolf3d Haven Forum. I must say, I was warmly welcomed. Everybody is willing to help on that forum. Nexion in particular really helped me. He was able to speak to me in a way that my inexperienced computer mind finally understood! And tonight, with much joy and exultation, I finally added my first extra sprite to the Wolf engine! I posted the link to the Wolf3d Haven Forum on my site here. Check it out!

  2. Well, it happened. Last night I finally crashed the whole thing. That’s right. I had been adding extra sprites (objects) to the engine yesterday. I would add one at a time and then test my game to make sure it worked. Eventually, I added some spider web sprites I downloaded. Placed one in front of a working door and-BAM! CRASH!! Whether I did something wrong in the code or placed an object in front of a door, the game didn’t like it and let me know. I tried removing the webs from the game and the actual code. All lead to the game still not booting up again. Fortunately I had a backup copy. So, all was not lost. I just had to re-enter all the sprites I had added in ChaosEdit. Lesson learned though. Hopefully from here on out I can avoid any more problems like that….

  3. I have finally completed Level 1 of my Wolf3d mod. The current working title of the trilogy is Wolfenstein Umbrella Beginnings. The working title of Episode 1 is “Discovery”. I had designed Level 1, entitled “Night Entry”, a few weeks ago. However, I have been so caught up in changing things in the source code, that I had not devoted the time to completing the level 100%.

    The perfectionist in me also held me back. At this rate, my mod won’t be ready for public distribution until years from now! I have been playtesting the level like mad and believe I worked out what bugs remained. I try to take my time designing the level and not messing up the floor codes. That saves a lot of trouble down the road. Anyway, the secret level (10) is also designed. I just have to change a few sprites around and change/add one or two rooms.

    As of now, each Episode in the trilogy will contain 10 total levels. With each Episode containing one secret level. Just like the original Wolfenstein Episodes.

    More to come soon!

  4. Having issues with the flickr feed right now and I’m not too happy about it. Anyway, although my pics are not displaying at the moment, I posted my newest and hopefully final title screen for Wolfenstein Umbrella Beginnings. Click on the feed to check out the pic. It’s WUB final title. I changed the standard guard to my Umbrella SS and added a dog and silencer on the pistol to match my game. There was probably a better way to impose the SS and dog. I just copied them over, erased the extra pink around them and re-added some of the ground, doors, light, and blue brick. Painstaking, but fun. Hopefully one of these days I will start the second level!

    Oh, by the way. The Umbrella SS was a Tricob sprite called bounty hunter that I downloaded. Changed it up very slightly with the Umbrella logos on the collar. Don’t worry. I will give credit to everyone when my game is released. Thanks Tricob!!

  5. JayngoWare rises! JayngoWare is simply the name of my “developing company” which isn’t even a company as of right now. Haven’t even trademarked the name or anything like that. Just thought it would be a fun touch while I am making my Wolf3d mod!

  6. Added my most adventurous sprite last night. Since I have been adding more sprites to the source code, I really ran out of cool objects to use. So I thought about it and came to this conclusion. I always enjoy it when a Resident Evil game includes a lab with test tubes. Like the ones Tyrants come out of. So…..I made a test tube sprite. I am actually pretty happy with it. To this date, it is the most advanced sprite I have designed. I am sure in a couple days I will look at it and try to fix something on it….that’s just how I am!

  7. Added more walls to the game through ChaosEdit. Once again, Nexion at the Wolf3d Haven Forum helped me out. Told him he would definitely be mentioned in my thank you screen when the mod is completed. All of the extra walls I imported were from Spear of Destiny. I like a lot of the walls from that game. Especially the stone walls. I also imported the White wall texture. Made a copy of it and put my Umbrella symbol I made on it. I eventually plan to make a board in the shape of the Umbrella symbol. Thought that would be a nice touch! Anyhow, I was planning on starting level 2 today. I just can’t seem to stop making source code changes and adding stuff! I want to finish this and give it to the wolfers out there, but at the same time, it’s fun to be working on all of it. I just want to have a solid, polished end product when all is said and done.

  8. Created another wall texture tonight. This time I used the face of Albert Wesker. I turned it into a black and white painting against a wood wall background. It’s a portrait of the arch enemy in my trilogy. Ignatius von Wesker. He is the grandfather of Albert Wesker and original founder of Umbrella in the story I have created. Of course, he is involved with the Third Reich as well. This is where the Resident Evil aspect of my story meets Wolfenstein. Also started level 2 tonight. Put a guard in the elevator and made him deaf. Play tested the board and the game crashed when I used the elevator. Forgot you couldn’t put a deaf guard next to a door! Changed the floor code in that room, made the guard not deaf and all was well.

  9. Created yet another new sprite. This time I made a library wall texture. Got some really great ideas for a library level! Hidden passages galore!

    Level 2 is well on it’s way. Although, some of the level might be changed so it shows up later in Episode 1.

  10. Completed my Umbrella Zealot tonight. I am using the floating/fake hitler sprite for it. Changed some of the coloring on his robes, made an Umbrella medallion around his neck, nixed the hitler mustache, made his eyes red and added some yellow highlights to the fireballs. Oh, and I sped the fireballs up a bit. Outrunning fireballs just didn’t feel right… I also downloaded all the sounds and effects from RE4. Was able to use a few cool sounds for my new Umbrella Zealot as well!

  11. Level 2 is just about done. Probably about 95% right now. I playtested it a few times. Had another deaf guard in front of a door again. Eventually I will remember that one… I have also had an idea of making a level in the shape of the Umbrella logo. So, tonight I designed it. I must say, it was a little difficult trying to make all those triangles line up right on a 63×63 grid. But, I have them done, along with a starting point, some doors, and the elevator. Still not sure if it will be a boss board or just another level. I originally wanted to save it for Episode 3, but it may make an earlier appearance!

  12. Finished level 2 last night. I also FINALLY disabled “Goobers”. Sheesh, playing through level 1 just to get to level 2 was killing me. I hope to spend more time during this long weekend to build more levels. Have been very busy as of late. Between this site, personal obligations, and starting up where I had left off in Oblivion last time, I have been stretching myself thin!

  13. Work on level 3 began a few nights ago. The majority of the level is designed and a few objects and guards are in place. Work on my mod has slowed a bit this past week. Had a lot going on. Plus, picking up where I left off on Oblivion has not helped. Hopefully this week I will have some time to spend on finishing up level 3 and going beyond that.

  14. Level 3 is about 90% complete. Spent some time tonight (finally) on it. Have done a few test playthroughs on it and all seems well. Changed the music on it too. The POW music just didn’t fit the level. The level is entitled “Cell Block”. It is my biggest level to date as far a square footage goes. I am definitely starting to have trouble with the static object limit…

  15. Level 3 is officially done now. I changed the ceiling color to match the blue stone walls of the level. It was the first ceiling color change I have made up to this point. Trying to figure out how to take screen shots of my mod now, so I can display them on my site…

  16. Started Level 4 today. It is called “Silence Is Gold”. It really relies on the use of the silenced pistol. Of course, you can play it any way you want, but silence is always golden! Right now the level is about 50% complete. I am hoping to use more time tonight so I can get it close to completed…

  17. Been up super late tonight. Anyways, level 4 is just about complete. Probably around 95% now. I think this level is bigger than level 3. It took me over 11 mins to complete in a test run. I think the secret passages turned out really good in this level. Zombies are starting to show up a little bit more frequently now…

  18. I downloaded DosBox and messed around with that. Now I can finally take pics of my mod! Also removed 3 files from my project in the Borland compiler. Needed more memory! I also removed the Get Psyched. Now, when a new level loads, it displays the name of the level you are about to enter. I think it is a neat little touch. I also sent Nexion the levels I have completed up to this point so he can beta test them. It was the least I could do. He has helped me with my mod very much!

  19. Well, Nexion gave me his review of his test run through my levels I have completed up to this point. Overall, I think all is well so far. I went back and fixed a bug he ran into. He gave me some constructive criticism and some good ideas, so I am grateful for all of that. I still have a few big ideas that I want to implement, so I hope Nex is up for a challenge. I told him if he helped out with my next wave of problems his name would appear all over the Thank You screen of my mod when it is done!!!

  20. Well, help from Nexion has arrived. Now, it is up to me. Hopefully this weekend I will have some time to try and do a little more work on it. I am really feeling motivated to get a lot more done! Hopefully, by monday I will have completed a really big feature that I want to add to my mod. Stay tuned…

  21. Today I made my biggest breakthrough since starting my mod. With the tutoring of Nexion, I have implemented the Logfile System into my mod. Much like the Resident Evil series, where you would learn most of the story through notes you find and pick up in the environment, I have done the same. So, while you can run and gun through my mod just like the original Wolf3d, you can also take the time to find the Logfile. There will be one per level and some will be hidden quite well. Finding these Logfiles will progress the story for each episode and in some cases, hopefully change the atmosphere to feel even more like the Resident Evil universe.

  22. Have completed all the Logfiles for the levels I have designed so far. I have to say, adding the Logfiles to my game really adds a lot more to it. I love story, so this really helps! I also added another collectible item today. Episode 1 will end with the collection of that item. Really didn’t want to see B.J. run out of the castle or have a Death Cam moment end the first Episode. Writing the code for that really wasn’t that hard. I also added a sound in there for when he picks it up! I have also been trying to add a different music/song when you read the Logfiles. Right now, it just plays the music for the level you are currently on. I just feel that some of the music for certain levels doesn’t match the feeling of Logfiles for those levels. Think I may be getting a little too crazy here. But, it is fun trying to figure some of this stuff out in the code!

  23. Today I added a few more sprites. I needed more things that had to do with RE and labs. So, I added a zombie on a lab table and i modified the test tube sprite I had made a while back to one that is broken. It gives the appearance that the zombies are escaping the tubes/labs. So now, I am at case 89 in the wolf source code. So, if I want to add anymore sprites to my game, I need to modify the source code to allow for it. As of right now I don’t know how to do that. But, I have my sources and I am sure in the next day or two I will be able to add more. I am going to use the logfile feature more in depth too. Instead of just telling story, I am also going to use a logfile on my next level that includes a puzzle. The logfile will give hints to guide you in solving the puzzle. The puzzle will probably revolve around some kind of secret passage maze/puzzle. By following the logfile, one will be able to solve the puzzle. Kinda like it is in RE games.

  24. I have finally figured out the easy way to add new songs to my mod. I use IMF Creator to convert the midi to imf format. Then I use FloEdit to add the new imf over an old song I don’t want to use. To figure out what chunk number is what song I use ChaosEdit and the source code. So, now I have added RE songs to my mod. It gives it more of an RE feel now. I also broke the static object case limit. The normal limit is case 89. But, now I can virtually add as many sprites as I can think of. I have already designed a few new ones. I look forward to designing many more…

  25. Have added some more sprites into my mod. A few were some old wolf3d sprites I had taken out originally. I have also modified and made a few new ones. My source also sent me some new code for some ideas I have been wanting to add the past few days. So, I will be adding that to the mod very shortly. Stay tuned for news on that little surprise…

  26. Tonight I finally figured out how to create my own symbols for walls and objects in ChaosEdit. It really isn’t that big of a deal, but whenever you add a new object to the source code, ChaosEdit displays it as a neon green square on the map. For walls it is an orange square. So, if you only add a few objects and walls it’s no problem. But, once you start adding many new walls and objects all those orange and green squares can get a little annoying. Plus, it just doesn’t look that good on the map. The hard part was figuring out how to save the new object box to Chaos. What you have to do is, delete the old Symbols file in the MapObjects folder, save the one you are working on in the Customize Symbols tab and then copy that into the MapObjects folder for the project you are working on. Oh, and you CANNOT rename the Symbols file to something else, or else Chaos will freak out. The new Symbols file must be called Symbols. Whew. Anyway, I did that tonight. Didn’t get time to put in the new code I received last night. I started to mess around with making level 5 tonight. I think I will include a neat little spin in that level. Right now, it’s working title is Knights of Death…

  27. Today I added more advanced code. It involves being poisoned and the only way to cure yourself is by finding a blue herb. Another Resident Evil touch. Little by little my wolf3d mod is getting more like RE. The goal is to try to have a 50/50 mix between wolf3d and RE. I did more work to level 5. I hope to have that almost completed by tomorrow. Then, Episode 1 will be over half done. After that, only two more Episodes to finish…

  28. Well, level 5 is done. It was the most adventurous map I have made so far. Well, adventurous in the way of a new idea. It involves my very first puzzles that I have incorporated into my mod. Hopefully they are not too difficult. Hopefully they are not too easy either! Sometimes it’s hard to find a good balance. Anyway, I still need to playtest it more tonight. Then, I need to work on a few of the songs I converted to IMF format. One just doesn’t sound “right” to me yet. May need to remove an instrument or two…

  29. Level 5 is playtested and completed to satisfaction now. I had to rework one of the puzzles. It was just too hard for me-and I made it! I also fixed the song for level 4 today. Had to remove two instruments that were making a “popping” sound during playback. Started level 6 as well. But now I am having issues with the speed of the fake hitler fireballs in DosBox. I had changed the speed of them in the code so that they went faster. But, that was when I was using VDMsound to run the mod. It appears, for what ever reason, that DosBox runs faster. Not really sure about that. And the secret passage mess ups still occur in DosBox. Sometimes they slide back three spaces and sometimes they only slide back two spaces. Most of mine depend on the full three spaces, so that is also frustrating. Need to get solutions to these problems…

  30. Level 6 is now completed. It is the most action-packed level to date. I just about tapped out the guard limit on this map. It’s entitled “The Gauntlet”. As you can imagine, there are some pretty intense moments. I have playtested it a few times and a few different ways. All seems to be good. I may add/change a few minor objects or walls in the next day or two as I play through it more. Episode 1 is getting close to being complete…

  31. Yesterday I did some testing with the Fake Hitlers. It turns out, that every fireball they shoot out counts as one guard each. The guard limit per map is 149. If that number gets exceeded, the game crashes. So, the lesson is, you cannot have too many Fake Hitlers fighting you at the same time or in real long corridors. I am saving them for my third episode, but when I do include them I think it will be safe to still have around 100 guards per map with Fake Hitlers. I think putting four in one room or corridor would be too much. I also learned that you can’t make them deaf or they only react when you shoot them. I have already changed their Dir function to NoDir in the source code, so you can approach them from any direction and they will react to you. But, for now I need to keep them on separate floor codes.

    Also, the object limit per map is 399. I also tested this and found some interesting results. If you use all 399 objects and then load that map and start playing- when you kill your first enemy, the ammo clip they usually drop won’t be there. The game does not crash, but until you start picking up things like treasure, ammo, health, etc. this will continue to happen. So, collectible objects definitely lowers the object count when you collect them.

    I also tested out if killing a guard lowers the guard count, like picking up a collectible item lowers the item count. I made two rooms and put 148 dogs in one room and a Fake Hitler in another room. I then killed all the dogs and then fought the Fake Hitler. I allowed him to shoot his fireballs (again, each fireball counts as one actor/guard) and the game immediately crashed. So, that told me that killing guards DOES NOT lower the guard count per map.

    These were good things to know, so hopefully anyone who reads this is helped as well…

  32. Today I added some code that shows the message “Poisoned” on the screen when your character get’s poisoned in the game. It flashes. I wasn’t sure if I would like that or not, but it’s not too noticeable, yet at the same time it let’s you know what’s going on.

    Also added a short code which ensures my pushwalls will always move back three spaces-even in DosBox. Now I can make pushwall mazes and not worry if it won’t work for someone primarily using DosBox.

    Thanks to Nexion from the Wolf3d Haven Forum for the coding help!

  33. I have finally had some time to work on my mod today. My time has been eaten the past few days by Fable 2 and finalizing my map for the Wolf3d Haven Mapset.

    Today I put a new song for the title screen of WUB (Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings). It is the music from the shark tank/lab from the remake of RE1. I also changed the ceiling color of level 5. I made it brown to match the rest of the walls in that level. I also changed the name of that map from ‘Knights Of Death” to “Knights Of Doom”. The only reason is because having one less letter makes the spacing look better on the load screen. By coincidence, the music on that level is from Doom. Hopefully people do not get confused. The Knights on that level are part of my Resident Evil story…not Doom.

  34. Added INTART to my mod today. INTART is simply an additional screen between levels. Almost like a Mission Briefing screen. I am going to use one at the very beginning of each episode before the first map loads. Originally, I was going to put the story in the Read This! area, but having the story/mission goals at the beginning of each episode makes more sense. Hoping to start level 7 today…

  35. Nexion tested my latest version and so far so good. I think he liked the new levels.

    Tonight I tackled the last big thing I was trying to avoid. The Read This! feature. I had enabled it a while back, but every time I clicked on it in game, the screen would go black and the mod would freeze up. Today I realized all I needed to do was add a HELPART file to my WUB directory! What a simple oversight. I also figured out how to add pics to the Read This! I tried adding new pics to the VSWAP, but weird results took place. I think what I will do is just replace some of the pics in the VSWAP that I’m not using for my mod. There should be more than enough for what I am doing. I also went through the code and changed some minor things on the Signon screen, like the colors of the blocks in the memory box. I am having a fun time just going through files in the source code and figuring stuff out on my own…

  36. I took a break from modding for a few weeks. There were some big releases for the 360 that I had been looking forward to playing. In my time away from modding, I have beaten Gears of War 2 and also Fallout 3. I have also gotten pretty deep into Fable 2 as well. But, I think in the next few days I will start working on my mod again. I have 3 more levels to complete for the first episode and I also have to complete the Read This!….

  37. jayngo26 Says:

    Well, it has been some time since my last development update. But, after checking the Wolf3d Haven Forum yesterday and seeing some interest in my mod, I have decided to try and finish up Episode 1 and get it released. Tonight I looked back into what I had done and tried to refresh my memory on everything. It’s amazing how quickly one forgets how to code and mod stuff. So, I took some time to run through the source code and Chaos Edit to refresh myself. I wrote the logfile for level 7 tonight. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I can get level 7 built…

  38. jayngo26 Says:

    Last night I created a new wall sprite. I enlarged my Ashford Emblem treasure and made it a shield/crest that hangs on the stone wall sprite from SOD. Level 7 is coming along, although my creative juices are not really flowing yet. It’s been a while since I worked on my mod. Level 7 is entitled “Ashford Manor”. Levels 7-9 will deal extensively with the Ashford who is behind the outbreak in the castle. He is one of Wesker’s subordinates. Any Resident Evil fan will immediately notice the name Ashford. My Ashford is related to the same family that bears that name in the RE series. More will be revealed when you play through the game…

  39. Level 7 has been completed. It took me a while to complete. It’s my first level that has a hidden key (although you can see it through an object) that needs a pushwall in order to access it. I also introduce one of the “Keepers” in this level. The overall layout of Level 8 has been designed for quite some time. It’s in shape of the Umbrella Logo. It looks really good in Chaos Edit! I will spend some time tonight trying to work on the final boss for the game. I want to use the Boss from Confrontation but I may use RecolorBMP to change the colors of his clothing. I may also try and add some kind of virus/growth/tentacles to him. That may prove to be a challenge tho…

  40. jayngo26 Says:

    Since my last entry, quite a bit has been accomplished with WUB. Level 8 and the final boss level-Level 9 have been completed. I have playtested the levels some, but more needs to be done. As of now, all levels for Episode 1 are completed! I also did a lot of work on the Read This! section. More still needs to be done. I plan on adding story to the Read This! that will explain the story up to the beginning of Episode 1. I tried removing the Death Cam code for my final boss, but it wasn’t cooperating with me. I may need to remove Death Cam for ALL bosses in the code. I also need to figure out how to use RecolorBMP correctly. I was able to recolor the first frame of my boss, but 11 more frames need to be copied some how…

  41. jayngo26 Says:

    Today-including yesterday-I played a complete playthrough of WUB. Everything seems to be good level wise. I seem to be satisfied with the overall quality of the levels and I don’t think I will be adding anymore objects to any of the levels. I have played every level starting with the pistol and 8 rounds on the hardest setting and it is beatable. But the hardest setting I feel is a nice challenge. As it should be. I also did a lot more with the Read This! today. I added a bunch of story and I only have a little more of that to go. Still need to recolor my end boss and change the code for the Death Cam. NULL, or something like that to cancel it out…

  42. jayngo26 Says:

    I finally figured out how to remove the deathcam code for my final boss. I also changed the delay on his animation when he dies so it looks normal. I also jumped up his hit points for the two hardest difficulties. By raising his hit points it relates to the story. I also changed the par times for the last couple of levels. Still need to recolor the boss and finish up the Read This!…

  43. Update:I finished the Thank You screen that appears after the title screen if you let the opening title page run. I totally forgot about it. It’s kind of a goofy little pun. Jayngoware is me. So, the work was done by me. I had some help along the way which I noted with the Code Help line. And I of course gave credit for all original work to id Software and Capcom. Without them my game would never exist!!! A more detailed thank you will appear in a Readme.txt file. It will include thanks to all authors of work that I have used…

  44. Tonight I finally recolored my boss. It was a pain staking process. I was able to use RecolorBMP, but when I changed the coloring of my boss’ clothing it also changed part of his face that color. So, I had to go into Paint and redo his face. I was able to copy and paste the face to a few frames, but there were still parts I had to fix in each frame. I finally got it done and playtested the boss fight. He actually looks really good in the game! So, I am happy THAT is over with. Now, I just need to get a voice and death scream for him. I was going through the source code today trying to figure out a way for the rockets that are fired at bj to do different damage depending on what difficulty level you are playing on. For instance, on death incarnate one or two rocket impacts would kill you. On the easiest difficulty level it would take maybe four or five. I need to look into that further still…

  45. jayngo26 Says:

    Well, it took a while, but I finally found some wav sounds that would work for my boss. I had forgotten that I had to convert them the PCM 16-bit for wolf3d. Audacity it a great program for that. I also proof-read all of the logfiles,read this,etc. I had to rewrite the final logfile so the spacing all fit on the page. I also ended up putting the end game object in a secret passage. I don’t want anyone picking it up while they are fighting the final boss. It ends the game! The idea is for the player to defeat the boss, THEN pick up the end game object. The final logfile entry hints that it is behind a painting pushwall (just so it’s not too hard to find for the player). All I have left to do is the read this file that will include all the thank you’s etc….

  46. I am happy to announce that WUB is officially done! I finished up the readme.txt today that will accompany the game. I also made a few last minor changes. I added al Resident Evil character names to the high score screen. I sent Brian a copy of the game. Tomorrow I will send him the final zip of WUB. Hopefully he will be able to post it soon. After a lot of work and learning (which was all fun) WUB Episode 1, Discovery, is complete!!!

  47. It is done! After many months of hard work, lots of learning, and fun times, my very first Wolf3d mod is complete! Brian put it up on the Wolf3d Dome and Wolf3d Haven Forum today. I really hope people enjoy it and I look forward to hearing feeback. Well, now time to start Episode 2- Operation: End Epidemic!!!

  48. Dark_wizziw Says:


  49. jayngo26 Says:

    Ladies and Gentleman….I give you Dark_Wizzie! Moderator of the Wolf3d Haven Forum! Hi there DW!

  50. Really. I have not posted on my site or WolfHaven in a loooong time. Soon enough though, I will get fired up and complete WUB Episode 2!

  51. How’s things,

    How is everyone? I am all new here!

    Bye for now!!!

    Austin Midwife

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