This page will be dedicated to the story behind my mod I am currently working on. I am merging Wolfenstein with Resident Evil. Here is the story so far…..

Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings

North Africa-1941

With the occupying of Northern Africa, the Nazi war machine has secured another vital territory. Much still remains to be discovered in this vast land of desert and heat. Nazi scientists and excavators have been working laboriously to find some sort of sign that the obsessed Hitler has with this cursed land. Until this point..

The fossilized remains of a yet to be determined specie had just been unearthed. The sign that the Fuhrer had been looking for had been found. Ignatius von Wesker and Ernst “the butcher” Fleisher could rightfully lay claim to the dig site. It was their find. Their discovery. And while Wesker had been looking for just such a specimen his entire life, the Fuhrer had only recently been made aware of the possibilities of such a find. Ignatius von Wesker and Ernst “the butcher” Fleisher would become heroes of the Third Reich. They would bring forth a new era. A new world. A new Beginning.

Germany, Undisclosed Location-1942

Re-animation complete. Specimen No.365. Theoretical data is proved true. The “x-virus”, built in part from DNA extracted from the fossilized remains of the “creature” unearthed in Africa has been successfully implemented into host No.365. The specimen shows early signs of high aggression, unstable actions, and a voracious appetite for flesh. Preferably human. Extreme caution is to be used when in contact with the specimen. More data must be collected to see how long the re-animation lasts and what physical limitations, if any, the specimen has. Death of specimen No.365 will occur. A few “tests” designed by myself and Dr. Schabbs will ensure that. We just need to locate the fine balance between killing the specimen and bending it to our will, if that is even possible. As of this date, Specimen No.365 has been re-animated for 24 continuous hours. Let the experimentation begin……..

Dr. Ernst Fleisher



  1. This is the story in written form up to this point. The rest is in my head and written down in the trusty old note pad tool. Check back to this page frequently, as I will be continuously updating the story for Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings.

    Disclaimer:I give full credit to id Software and Capcom for all original names, story elements, and ideas I have drawn from for my Wolfenstein mod/tc I am making. This is a work of fiction.

  2. Wondering just exactly who Ignatius von Wesker is? Or how Dr. Ernst “the butcher” Fleisher is linked with Dr. Schabbs? Look for character spotlights for Wolfenstein:Umbrella Begininngs. Coming Soon!

  3. Note: This site does not promote Nazism, Neo-Nazism, or any other racial discrimination group. Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear of Destiny are Copyright 1992 id Software.

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