Little is known about Ignatius von Wesker. Whether he is actually a member of the Nazi party is unknown. However, their are strong ties linking him with the Fuhrer, Himmler, Rommel, and leading experimental scientist Ernst “the butcher” Fleisher. Wesker has been seen with Hitler, often times discussing matters on the subjects of B.O.W. warfare and virus building.

Ignatius is a very intelligent man with degrees in many subjects pertaining to sciences of all varieties. He has enlisted the help of leading experimental scientist Dr. Ernst “the butcher” Fleisher.

Wesker has just recently formed a pharmaceutical company called Umbrella. Umbrella is known around the local German populace for it’s distributing of first aid supplies. The company has also made a name for itself in herbal curing. Local herbs growing in the Gruner Wald (Green Forest) area provide a fine base for retail business. But this is merely a facade. The true face behind Umbrella is diabolical. The new “x-virus” being created by Umbrella is the brainchild of Wesker and Fleisher. Still in it’s infancy, this virus has shown the early signs of re-animating previously dead cells.

Apart from the above information, little else is known of Ignatius von Wesker. The whereabouts of the Umbrella facility are highly classified. The term “Hand of Umbrella” is used loosely and could refer to a possible stronghold somewhere in a remote part of the German countryside.

Ignatius von Wesker is the grandfather of yet to be born, Albert Wesker….


These servants of Ignatius von Wesker are obsessed with carrying out the will of their master. Originally from a remote village in the countryside of Spain, they have become entrenched in their service of the Fuhrer and Umbrella. Serving as “Keepers” of the “Hand of Umbrella”, they are willing to die for their cause and their master. Their abilities are unnatural and their loyalty fierce. They move in an almost controlled way toward any who dare enter into their master’s domain. Few if any have lived to tell about these zealots or “Keepers”….


These elite guards of the Third Reich have been specially trained by Ignatius von Wesker himself. Given permission by the Fuhrer, Wesker has taken a large detachment of these elites and housed them in Umbrella installations throughout Germany. Fiercely loyal to the Fuhrer and Wesker, these elites carry machine guns and wear bullet proof vests, making them a truly formidable foe. Often seen commanding lower ranking guards, they move with precision and intent toward their prey, showing no quarter…


Barrington Ashford is a relative of the high profile Ashford family. His exact relation is unknown. Barrington has secretly given his devotion and support to the Third Reich and to Umbrella. Charged by Ignatius von Wesker to oversee the operations at Castle Erzengel, Ashford has used his inheritance to support Wesker and the founding of Umbrella Corporation. If his family becomes aware of his allegiances the large inheritance he is receiving may stop…


Ernst Fleisher is the top scientist working for Ignatius Wesker at Umbrella. Being a student of the vile Dr. Schabbs, Fleisher knows no quarter when it comes to experimental procedures. Fleisher, nicknamed “The Butcher” was with Wesker in Africa when the fossilized remains of the Plaga was discovered and is primarily responsible for the direct creation of the x-virus. He has since spent his time trying to perfect the virus at Hitler’s orders, so that the dead soldiers of the Third Reich may rise again. However, Wesker and Fleisher have their own hidden motives and agenda for their use of the x-virus…

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